PRO BOAT SAVER Boat Protection

The Pro Boat Saver is an all in one boat protection system designed to fit snugly against any dock post keeping your boat safe from any dock and can be attached to any post or wood dock with straps or screws.

Order Pro Boat Savers with stainless steel screws and grommets for vertical or horizontal permanent use on your own dock.

Order Pro Boat Savers with straps to make them portable. Add additional straps to fit larger sized dock posts.

Save money on shipping when you order a set of 3.

"We have found that if your boat is 18-25' you will get the best coverage by ordering 3 Pro Boat Savers to protect it stem to stern."

Only Available Online

Shipping to 48 contiguous states. No corporate orders.

Protective Boat Bumpers
Bumper with straps and screws

Complete Set $137.94

3 Pro Boat Savers with Velcro straps plus 3 additional sets of straps.

Bumper with velcro

3 Savers with Straps $104.97

straps reduced ship
Bumper with screws

3 Savers with Screws $104.97


3 Sets of Straps $32.97


Individual Pro Boat Saver with Straps $34.99

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Individual Pro Boat Saver with Grommets $34.99

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Individual Pro Boat Saver Set of Straps $10.99