Protective Boat Bumpers

The Pro Boat Saver

The most universal boat protection system ever!

Bumpers designed to fit snug against most any dock post.

The Pro Boat Saver is an all in one boat protection system designed to fit snugly against any dock post keeping your boat safe from any dock.

Pro Boat Savers are constructed from a highly durable combination of high density foam and a marine trusted waterproof material called Pifertex, a vinyl coated mesh.

Each Pro Boat Saver measures 36” long by 6” wide and at only 2” thick to take up very little boat storage space.

Using the traditional Velcro system with the standard 2” wide nylon strap, these Pro Boat Savers have everything you need to quickly attach to any dock post - from a 2” round post up to an 6” x 6” square post. The Velcro system is Pro Boat Saver’s signature application and highly recommended to any boater who may not have a private dock.

Each bumper is designed to be used 1 of 2 ways: either strapped on with Velcro, or screwed on using screws and grommets for a permanent application.

Additional straps can be purchased separately so you can quickly secure your Pro Boat Savers to larger (telephone pole sized) dock posts. They can also be ordered with screws and grommets for a permanent application.

Small, compact, and quickly attach to the source of the problem, the dock posts.


The quick Velcro system custom fits to any size post. Our standard size fits 4” x 4” to 6” x 6” posts and can be customized to fit most any size post in-between. Purchase additional straps for even larger posts.

When using the Velcro system you have everything you need. You are never looking for ropes or cleats to attach your boat savers at the right height. We recommend that 3 Pro Boat Savers would protect an average sized boat 16'-24' long.

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Screws and Grommets

Permanent application - Pro Boat Savers can be attached to any post or wood dock. vertical or horizontal, with stainless steel screws and grommets. Screws and grommets included with order.

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