PRO BOAT SAVER Boat Protection

Customizable boat protectors for most any dock

Tired of repairing scratches and damages to finish?

Protective Boat BumpersProfessional Fishing Guide, Doug Samsal has been around boats all his life. His boat is an essential part of his career as a fishing guide. He knows how important it is to protect his investment. Pulling up to public docks used to put his boat at risk of scratches and damage.

Boats are Expensive to Maintain

Always wanting to look his professional best, Doug spent a lot of time maintaining his boat's finish from normal wear and tear. No one needs to erase damage from docks, time that could be spent on the water fishing.

Doug came up with a system that would protect his boat no matter where he docked. It needed to be durable enough to withstand any kind of rough dock conditions; easy to install and easy to store. Using tough vinyl and Velcro, he devised a system unlike any other on the market today. Easy enough to take with you or to attach permanently to your own dock.

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Do they float?
Can I get them designed with my name or logo?
We are working on it.